Your boat deck has to endure weather, wear, and washing. Why not protect it while giving it a stylish, non-slip, comfortable layer? Our polyethylene decking is cut to fit your boat using computer vision, then customized with CNC routing for larger details and laser engraving for finer designs. To browse the color options, look at our Decking Color Chart.

Provided you live outside our local area, we can ship you template material. That combined with our template instructions will have you on the way to a new deck in no time. After you ship the material back, we can digitize it, and cut your decking, finally sending it back to you to install.


This option is ideal for swim platforms, helm stations, floors, steps, railings, coaming bolsters – even the top of your cooler!

YETI 48 Roller

YETI Cooler Pads

YETI 35$55
YETI 45$65
YETI 48 Roller$65
YETI 50$65
YETI 65$85
YETI 75$95
YETI 105$95
Additional charges for large or detailed customization