We make custom boat covers for your boat. We no longer build from factory patterns due to the complexity of boat customization with trolling motors and electronics. We also do bow covers for ski boats. Schedule an appointment, bring your bass boat or river boat in, and we will build your cover to order in one day.

Premium covers include an HD Nylon perimeter strap, with stainless steel ratchet, and trifold ratchet pocket. We include trailer straps with QDS buckle and telescoping snap-in tension poles with foot pads. Premium Bass boat covers are $1000. Premium River boat covers generally go over the motor, oars, trolling motors, and motorized anchors. Up to 5 poles are included to tent the cover properly, as well as trailer straps with QDS buckles. Premium riverboat covers are $750.

Deans covers are made using a state-of-the-art, American-made marine canvas called AQUALON EDGE. From bow to stern, Aqualon Edge marine fabric offers coverage and protection. Equipped with Perfecta Marine®, a heat gain reduction technology, the canvas keeps interiors drastically cooler than leading brands. Whether on the water or in storage, boats and objects will stay cool and shielded from sun, salt, mold, mildew, and abrasion. Great for making any sized boat cover, Aqualon Edge is water resistant, flexible, resilient, made in the U.S., and easy to handle It carries a seven-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Deans joins this canvas with double seams using GORE TENARA Thread which is warrantied to not be damaged by exposure to sunlight, weather, or water during the lifetime of the fabric.

With an appointment, you can drop your boat off in the morning and pick it up the same afternoon with a custom cover tailored to your boat. Each cover is cut on the boat for a perfect fit and will be completed the same day you arrive.

This Vinyl Coated Polyester canvas has been the standard for strong, long-lasting, water-resistant towing covers for over twenty years. If you have a factory cover that lasted more than five years it is probably this marine canvas. But better material is only half the story, a better fit is just as important. Our Aqualon Premium Towing Covers are heavily reinforced and come with quick disconnect straps and buckles and a ratchet system in the hem.