DCR and SCR Buckets

DCR Bucket fits Champion 201 and DCR and SCR models from 1989 through 1997 DCR and SCR Buckets are available in a slightly modified “Old Boat” version for pre-1989 low livewell champions. Pre-1989 high livewell Champions are limited to “Down Seats”

SCR Bucket, fits Champion 176 and 184 DCR and SCR models from 1990 through 1997. Both DCR and SCR benches are $1199

The 1811 Bucket is a wider version of a DCR bucket and fits 1811 and 190 SCR and DCR models from 1989 through 1997.
A still wider and taller version of this seat fits all DCX and SCX models from 1989 through 1997.

The seats above are available in a CCS or Convertable Center Seat version which lets you switch between a third seat and a non-skid cup-holder step. These models cost $1399.

The 186 Bucket is available for 1990 through 1997 186 and 202 DCR and SCR. Available for $1199 or $1399 if equipped with a convertible center seat like the one pictured.

Fish hunter buckets, above, can be replaced with OEM buckets depending on the customer’s preference. Available starting at $899.

Champion’s Fish and Ski boats include bench seating available starting at $1399. So, no matter if you have a bass boat or ski boat, we’ve got you “covered.” They also are usually equipped with a DCR or SCR bench, down seat and butt seats to match.

Pre-1989 high live well Champions are limited by design restrictions to Down Seats available for $179.

OEM Buckets

We can replace the buckets, or do a full set with matching bike and center seats for a fresher look.

OEM Buckets are available for 1998 and newer Champions and are suitable for older 186, 191, and 202 SCR and DCR models. These run $949- $999 a pair and are available in 2 or 3 color combinations, which you can pick from our Color Chart. Add a matching butt seat starting at $120 or a fold-down Centric for $265.

OEM buckets can be used in pre-1998 176, 184, 201, 1811, and 190 SCR and DCR models, but they sit higher and forward. This means unless you are fairly small, your knees will be close to the steering wheel.

These 2 piece buckets are necessary for some models of Champion boats, and the slimmer cushion design allows for more room between you and the console.