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Original Equipment Bass Boat seats
Made in America, Made to fit.

The OEM Buckets were designed to replace seats in many different bass boat models. The bottom seat cushion folds forward to allow access underneath to storage and ease of installation. The OEM Buckets can be used with a center seat that folds down into a step or center step and console. Fold-down pedestal seats and butt seats are available to match. Make a Custom Bucket in our color placement app!

OEM Style

Centric II

The Centric II model is a common fold down style used across many different manufacturers. We offer 5 patterns that can be customized with any of our premium types of vinyl for $265 each. These are popular replacements for pedestal seats in bass boats, or river boats when paired with a spider stand. Design your own Centric II in our color placement app.

Bike / Butt Seats

Bike seats generally have the same mounting pattern as the CII seats, and are often attached to a stand for easy storage. We offer 3 different forms of OEM bike seats, with a few patterns for each form, for $120 each. Build your next butt seat with our color placement app.