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Manufacturing Division

For over 40 Years Deans top and Canvas has manufactured Boat Seats and Canvas Products for over 50,000 boats. We were there for the birth of the bass boat industry, designing and building seats for the first Ranger, Bass Cat, and Champion Boats. Today our products are used by the industry's leading manufacturers and our designs and construction techniques lead the industry.

We are proud to contribute to the products produced by these companies:

Bass Cat Boats
Champion Boats
Aloha Pontoons
Legend Boats
Weld-Craft Boats
Pro Gator Boats
Supreme Boats Flippin AR
Alweld Boats Lonsdale AR
Excel Boats, Mountain Veiw AR
Shawnee Boats, Mountain Home AR
Spartan Zero Turn Mowers, Batesville AR
Mahindra UTV's
Intimidator UTV's Batesville AR
Excel Boats, Mountain Veiw AR
Top Water Boats
Stroker Boats Marysville, TN
Sunaga Boats, Japan
Hartman Company, Japan
Cobra, Viper, Venom Bass Boats
Aztec Compitition Ski Boats
Zephyr Boats
Cajun Boats West Monroe, LA

Retail and Custom Shop

Our custom shop has earned a reputation for quality and design. We can take any boat down to the hull or frame and build it back like new.
Custom boat covers are fit and completed in one day with an appointment.
Bimini tops, canopy tops and canvas enclosures are custom fit to each boat.

Bass Boat Seats
Pontoon Boat Seats
Boat Covers
Custom Shop
Factory Seconds
Color Chart
Boat Covers

Many of the original equipment seats and covers that we build can be purchased through the boat manufacturer and their dealers.
Just click the link above for your boat brand.

World Class Products, World Class Customers
Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas
Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas
Arkansas Arkansas
Excel Top Water Aloha
Arkansas Proud to be American Made! Every product we build is made in Mountain Home, Arkansas. We will custom build seats in any size and any color to fit your boat. Our covers are better because we use American made Marine Canvas cut from patterns that were fit to your boat. We have the original production records for your Champion, Viper, Cobra,or Hawk Bass Boat. If you would like a copy of your boats records just give us a call with your serial number.
Arkansas We built the first Ranger seats in the early 1970's
And we were the Original Equipment Manufacturer of seats and covers for 35,000 Champions from their first boat in 1975. We have records by serial number that will let us match your original seats or upgrade them to modern seats that will fit and match your boat.
We also built the original seats and covers, and have records for every Viper, Cobra, Coral, Venom, and Hawk bass boats.
We build a variety custom bass boat seats that with your measurements can be made to fit just about any boat out there.

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Deans Top and Canvas

Tokyo International Boat Show

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Seats designed and built in Mountain Home for Sunaga Boats in Inasiki City Japan

Boat covers! Boat covers and tops! Canvas Awnings!


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